Our mission is to build beautiful products that reflect the people, artistry, and textures of India.

In India, a country of over 1.2 billion people, the handcrafting sector employs the second largest number of people after agriculture. Over the past decades many of these workers lost their jobs due to a decrease in demand for their talent. As India was introduced to ready-to-wear clothing and synthetic fibers the demand for artisanal craft and natural textiles diminished. We believe that the artisans of India need economic sustainability and the potential to live happily from creating quality products. For many, hand making goods is something artisans dream of living off of however when there is no demand, they struggle to live a happy life.

At Backwaters, we strive to make timeless designed products that are made with love. We work with hand crafters that have carried down their skills from multiple generations and use the finest materials to provide you with truly personalized items.

By buying our products, you are fostering these beautiful techniques and enabling artisans to live their dreams.

Founder - Krishna Rammohan

Although I was born and raised in California, half of my identity resides in India. When I step foot onto the subcontinent, I step foot onto a land filled with color and culture. India's filled with elaborate architecture, food, art, and clothing. I'm always blown away by the juxtaposition of chaotic major cities and peaceful Hindu temples. In my travels, I love exploring massive shops filled with rolls of locally grown fabrics and visiting family owned tailoring shops where I can get one-of-a-kind pieces made.

Backwaters, for me, is a platform to create demand and awareness for Indian artistry. I aim to connect with families and individuals that share a love for their craft and supply them with an international audience seeking well made, personal items. I design minimalist products, get them handmade in India with skillful techniques, and merchandise them as timeless goods that were made with love. I believe, with help from consumers like you, Backwaters can revitalize these ancient Indian practices and better the lives of artisans.

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Why the name Backwaters?

Located on the South West coast of India is a state called Kerala. There you can find one of the most relaxing, tranquil locations in the world; The backwaters of Kerala. The backwaters are a system of stagnant channels of water surrounded by tropical plants and animals. I chose the name Backwaters because it symbolizes peace, eccentricity, and beauty. 

If you ever decide to travel to India, make sure to take a houseboat ride around the backwaters of Kerala. No words can describe just how relaxing and breathtaking the experience is!

    Happy Life Tip: Travel to India!